Malacca, Malaysia
Featured cuisines: Ama Ebi Sashimi  |  Foie Gras
  • Sukiyaki
    Pork / beef with
    vegetables served in
    claypot with raw eggs

  • Buta or Gyu Niku

    Stir fried pork or
    beef with ginger sauce

  • Buta or Gyu
    Yaki Niku

    Stir fried slice
    beef or pork and
    vegetables with chef
    recommendation sauce

  • Buta Niku Yasai Itame
    Stir fried
    vegetable with pork

  • Wa-gyu Steak

  • Saba Kami Nabe
    Mackerel fish and
    mix vegetables cooked
    in clear soup

  • Unagi Yanagawa
    Stew eels with
    eggs and sauce
    in hot pot

  • Katsu Ni
    Deep fried pork belly
    cooked with egg
    and onion in hot claypot

  • Gyu Yanagawa
    Stew sliced beef with
    eggs & sauce in
    hot pot

  • Foie Gras
    Goose liver and
    scallop served with
    teriyaki sauce

  • Oden Moriawase
    Japanese style
    stew assorted
    fish cake

  • Kimuchi Nabe
    Mix seafood
    cooked in kimchi

  • Niku Jaga
    simmered sliced
    pork and potato

  • Yasai Itame
    Stir fried vegetable
    with sauce

The origin of Japanese cuisines is specially prepared by our chef.