Malacca, Malaysia
Featured cuisines: Ama Ebi Sashimi  |  Foie Gras
  • Chinmi Moriawase
    Mixed appetizers
    (baby octopus,
    jelly fish, seaweed)

  • Maguro Yamakkake
    Raw tuna
    mixed with grated
    Japanese Yam

  • Tokyo Duck
    Smoked duck

  • Tofu Dengaku
    Deep fried tofu
    topped with
    Japanese bean sauce

  • Yasai Sticks
    Vegetable sticks
    served with
    chef special sauce

  • Ninniku Buta
    Miso Ae

    Grilled garlic served
    with minced pork
    miso paste

  • Salmon Yamakkake
    Raw salmon
    mixed with
    grated Japanese yam

  • Kimuchi
    Korea kimchi

  • Nininku Karaage
    Deep fried
    garlic with salt

  • Kyuri Uma Ae
    Cucumber mixed
    with plum sauce

  • Hanasaki Ika
    Sliced cuttlefish
    with spicy fish roe

  • Eihire
    Grilled dried
    stingray fin

  • Tsukemono No

    Japanese pickles

  • Atarime
    Grilled dried

  • Yaki Usuage
    BBQ beancurd
    skin with soya sauce

  • Ika Natto
    Fermented soybean
    with raw squid

  • Maguro Natto
    Fermented soybeans
    with raw tuna

  • Natto
    Japanese fermented
    soya bean

  • Konyaku Dengaku
    Yam with Japanese
    bean sauce

  • Edamame

    Boiled Japanese
    green peas
    with salt

  • Chuka Idako
    Baby octopus

  • Chuka Wakame

  • Ginnan Shioyaki /

    Grilled / deep fried
    gingko nut with salt

  • Ika Shiokara
    Marinated sliced
    cuttlefish, salty taste

  • Chuka Kuraage
    Jelly fish

  • Gyoza
    Fried dumplings

  • Pork Sausage
    Pork meat sausage

  • Tako Wasabi
    Marinated octopus
    with wasabi taste

  • Ikura Shoyuzuke
    Marinated raw fish
    roe with
    soya sauce

  • Horenso Ohitashi
    Boiled spinach with
    light soya sauce

  • Wakame To Kyuri Su
    Vinaigrette seaweed
    and cucumber

  • Tako Yaki Ball
    Fried minced

The origin of Japanese cuisines is specially prepared by our chef.