Malacca, Malaysia
Featured cuisines: Ama Ebi Sashimi  |  Foie Gras
  • Tori Katsu
    Deep fried chicken
    with bread crumbs

  • Kushi Katsu
    Deep fried pork and
    vegetables with bread
    crumbs in sticks

  • Satsuma Imo No

    Deep fried sweet
    potato in batter

  • Buta Fire Katsu
    Deep fried fillet
    cutlet with bread crumbs

  • Buta Rose Katsu
    Deep fried pork
    belly cutlet with
    bread crumbs

  • Tenpura Moriawase
    Deep fried assorted
    seafood and vegetables
    in batter

  • Inari Potato
    Salad Tenpura

    Deep fried beancurd
    potato salad with batter

  • Yasai No Tenpura

    Deep fried assorted
    vegetables in batter

  • Ebi No Tenpura (4pcs)
    Deep fried prawn
    in batter

  • Kaboca Tenpura
    Deep fried pumpkin
    with batter

  • Ebi Furai
    Deep fried prawn
    with bread crumbs

  • Kaki Furai
    Deep fried oyster
    with bread crumbs

  • Salmon Skin Furai
    Deep fried salmon

  • Nasu To Unagi Gyoza
    Deep fried eggplant
    and unagi rolled with
    seaweed in batter

  • Soft Kani Karaage
    Deep fried
    soft shell crab

  • Koebi Karaage
    Deep fried

  • Tori Karaage
    Japanese style deep
    fried chicken

  • Salmon Pumpkin Chisu
    Deep fried salmon
    and pumpkin stuffed
    with cheese

  • Mochi Chisu Age
    Deep fried bread
    with Japanese rice cake
    and cheese

  • Kani Cream Korokke
    Croquette with
    crab meat

  • Yasai Korokke
    Mashes potato

  • Satsuma Age
    Fish cake

  • Chikuwa Isobe Age
    Deep fried tube-shaped
    fish cake in fritters mix
    with seaweed powder

The origin of Japanese cuisines is specially prepared by our chef.