Malacca, Malaysia
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Japan has a clear four seasons, surrounded on all four sides by the ocean, and warm and humid climate. The Japanese cuisine had independently developed in this environment.

The history of Japanese Cuisine takes us back to ancient times, when Japanese society shifted from hunter-gathering lifestyle to agriculture-based society. This was the time followed by Jomon period, when rice cultivation was introduced in Japan. Rice was usually boiled plain.

The Japanese have shown a preference for enjoying the natural flavor of food such as vegetables, edible wild plants, grains and seafood in each season. Therefore, Japanese cooking is simple and natural when compared with that of other countries.


Wa Zen literally means Japanese food. Established in 12th August 2007 by Chef Sean Ng, a Japan based chef who had 5 years of experiences. In February 2012, Wa Zen had been expanded to a bigger shop in 38, 40 & 42, Jalan Melaka Raya 15, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.

Wa Zen is designed to create an environment of a genuine Japanese food restaurant where customer can taste the Japanese food while enjoying Japan imported liquor.

A place that makes Japanese customers feel like home and bring truly Japanese food to Malaysian.


Our meals are prepared upon order using only the finest quality ingredients air-flown directly from Tokyo, Japan.

We do provide variety of food choices such as agemono, yakimono, donburi, ramen etc. Generally the Japanese Cuisine is the assemblage of staple foodstuffs including noodles, rice, soup and several items made up of vegetable, crabs, fish, tofu and meat. Spices and flavors like Soy sauce, miso and dashi are added with the low fat dishes.

Wa Zen's Sashimi spread is well-known to meet the freshest and highest quality standard with generous serving portions. We served fresh Japanese cuisines to patrons with intricate garnishing, freshly grated wasabi and pickled ginger. In the style of traditional Japanese dining, we highly encourage ordering dishes to share as a group, as our menu is designed to reflect this style of communal dining.

Various sorts of Noodles, which are the vital element of Japanese culinary, were undoubtedly adopted from Chinese Cuisines. The Japanese cuisine is highly celebrated world wide for its quality and taste. The tourists to Japan find Japanese Cuisine as one of the major attractions in that country. Numerous Seasonal and Regional Japanese dishes have enriched the Japanese Cuisine.


At Wa Zen Japanese restaurant in Melaka Raya district, the scent of vinegar, a key ingredient in sushi-making, hangs in the air. In the midst of the minimally designed space, chef and owner Mr. Sean has the stage.

Wearing a starched white outfit, the kindly Japanese cuisines chef slides a knife smoothly in one direction as he wish to makes every complete cuisines to his patrons.

Throughout his career he has led culinary direction, reworked menus, mentored staff and continued to work closely with traditional Japanese food culture. Sean is passionate in 'East meets West' fusion concepts combining his traditional Japanese teaching with local flavours and international appeal. Respecting the natural taste of each ingredient and enhanced by original flavors, textures, and presentation.

All of his learnt food philosophies will prevail, with high quality ingredients, simple dishes, exquisite flavours and a focus on traditional Japanese Izakaya-style dishes designed to be shared.

He will keep close tabs on the quality of the foods prepared, to ensure every item is attended to with utmost care and served tastefully to be enjoyed.

The origin of Japanese cuisines is specially prepared by our chef.